Playing God

Key information:

Genres: Heist Comedy

Director: Scott Brignac

Run time: 95 min.

Cast: Luke Benward, Hannah Kasulka, Michael McKean

Year of production: 2021

Available territories: Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania


Micah (Luke Benward) and Rachel (Hannah Kasulka) are successful con-artist twins who enjoy the thrill of the scam. Skilled and charismatic, they can run a variety of con games and the money has never been better until a heartless crime lord comes back for revenge. He gives them ten days to come up with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they took from him or they’ll be killed. When they hear that the quirky billionaire Ben Elwood (Alan Tudyk) has been on a relentless mission to find God, they know it could be the solution to all their problems. With the help of their former mentor Frank (Michael McKean) coming aboard to play The Almighty, the role of a lifetime, the siblings just might pull off the greatest con of their ‘career’ in a matter of days and stay alive.


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