Weekend In Taipei

Key information:

Genres: Action, Thriller

Director: George Huang

Cast: Luke Evans, Sung Kang, Gwei Lun-Mei, Virginia Chien, Wyatt Yang

Year of production: 2024

Available territories: Poland

Weekend in Taipei follows John Lawlor, a pit-bull DEA agent married to his job. There’s not a bad guy he can’t stop, nothing he won’t sacrifice to close out a case. Joey Kwang is a top “Transporter” in Taipei — fast-driving and fast-thinking, she’s difficult to pin down, impossible to catch. The two of them weren’t supposed to fall in love, but fate brought them together…before forces of crime and corruption tore them apart. Now, 15 years later, fate puts Joey and John on a collision course during a weekend in Taipei. And the two will discover that the only thing harder than falling in love…is falling back in love.


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