LOL Surprise! Tots Road Trip

Key information:

Genres: Family

Director: Brenna Larsen, Jordan Higgins

Run time: 5x11’ & 10x7’

Cast: Jessica Mikayla, Venice Wong, Reese Warren, Alyssa Lee, Ayla Rae Neal

Year of production: 2023-

Available territories: Poland, Hungary

Queen Bee discovers a map of the legendary Route 707. In fact, on that route, there are dinosaurs to climb, at the very first stop. So, Route 707 is exactly what they need. BEEP BEEP, Western Honey pulls up in the Glamper, but the over-packing Tots can't fit all their luggage. Quiet Q.T. has them covered; she will drive the Cruiser. If the group splits up, the Glamper and Cruiser can drive in opposite directions and discover all the clues along the loop of Route 707. With their plan made, the two groups head off on an epic cross-country road trip.


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