Masha's Songs

Key information:

Genres: Animation, Adventure, Family

Director: Oleg Kuzovkov

Run time: 13 x 7 min.

Cast: Boris Kutnevich, Alina Kukushkina, Kaitlyn McCormick

Year of production: 2020

Available territories: Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania


Enchanting animated stories of an inseparable couple who won the hearts of children and adults around the world. Masha is a curious, wise and restless girl who lives in an old railway station in the woods. Her best friend is the bear, who is a former circus artist. Masha loves adventure and when she discovers the world, she literally acts as a magnet for problems. The caring bear therefore has its paws full of work repairing its mischievous pieces. In 13 stories, with a little naughty and a patient hairy, we go to sunny Italy, enjoy carnival rhythms or discover the magic of Paris. We will become a sheriff in the Wild West and Robin Hood in the English forests. Especially with them, however, we will experience a lot of adventures, we will do a lot of traps and sing.


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